About us

The Irwell Rivers Trust was established in 2009 as a charitable organisation dedicated to providing primary and support services to conserve and restore the health of the River Irwell and its catchment. In establishing, we joined a growing national rivers trust movement, utilising and tailoring the vast wealth of specialist knowledge, support and services that ‘The Rivers Trust‘ provide (the umbrella body of the rivers trust movement).
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To achieve conservation and restoration objectives, Rivers Trusts source support, partnerships, authorisation and funding to deliver scientifically sound environmental projects. We are readily able to work independently, and also combine public, private and voluntary partnerships to achieve ambitious river catchment improvement goals.

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The Irwell Rivers Trust was set up by a small group of energetic volunteers who have lived within and interacted with the Irwell River catchment all their lives (meet the team). With backgrounds in aquatic and environmental sciences, engineering and education, and driven by a natural interest and passion for their local environment, they have committed their skills to found, develop and take forward the Trust for the benefit of the catchment. They are now involved in bids for significant financial investment, taking on great professional and social responsibility in project delivery, and establishing and maintaining strong and supportive relationships with both national and local agencies and organisations. The Trust operates within the best practice guidelines of the charities commission, The Rivers Trusts and member Trusts.

The Irwell Rivers Trust was entered onto the Register of Charities on the 27th March 2012, Registered Charity Number 1146615.

Irwell Rivers Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee*, Registered in England and Wales.  Company No. 6880410


* A company limited by guarantee cannot have shares and is unable to distribute any profit. It is the normal “not for profit” charitable company choice.