Photo left to right: Matthew Schofield (IRT), Gary Morris (EA), Olly Southgate (EA), Richard Banbury (ORVIS).

Wild Trout Trust Awards 2012

Professional Category Runner up

Irwell GEP Project 2011-2012, carried out by the Environment Agency and the Irwell Rivers Trust.

This project removed 15 weirs between 2011 and 2012 from the Irwell system at a cost of only £180,000, demonstrating that weir removal and the associated habitat and connectivity improvements can be undertaken at the catchment scale with radically minimised costs by taking creative and risk based approaches.

This is the first award that the Irwell Rivers Trust was associated with, and arrived only a few short months after beginning project delivery activity for the first time in 2011.  Although it says ‘Runner up’ on the award, we were so proud, our feet didn’t touch the floor for ages.  A super project and a very memorable awards occasion.  Thanks to the Wild Trout Trust and the 2012 project sponsors ‘ORVIS’ for considering and awarding our project.  And congratulations to The Eden Rivers Trust and Environment Agency for winning first place in the professional category.



Wild Trout Trust Awards 2014

Professional Category, for Outstanding Habitat Enhancement Scheme. Joint winners:

River Medlock, carried out by the Environment Agency, Groundwork MSSTT, Manchester City Council and Irwell Rivers Trust

For replacing a sterile brick lined channel with wildlife habitat.




Canal and Rivers Trust 2014 Living Waterways Awards

Winners of the Natural Environment Category, awarded for our enhancement works on the River Irwell 2011-2014, helping reconnect and create new wildlife habitats, and reducing flood risk.

The Irwell Restoration Team consists of partners from the Environment Agency, Groundwork MSSTT, Irwell Rivers Trust and many local authorities and land owners/managers.

2014 Living Waterways Awards - Canal & River Trust
Photo left to right: Jim Hancock (awards host), John Leyland (EA), Carrie Wright (EA), Olly Southgate (EA), Guy Wilson (Galliford Try), Colin Liptrot (EA), Jo Fraser (Groundwork MSSTT), Gary Morris (EA), Matthew Schofield (IRT)



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