Board of Directors and Management

(Taken from the deed (2009))

Irwell Rivers Trust

Registered in England and Wales as a limited company (6880410)


The Irwell Rivers Trust is governed by a board of Trustees. There must be a minimum of three, but no more than twenty Trustees. At each annual general meeting (AGM), one fifth or, if their number is not a multiple of five then the nearest to one fifth must retire by rotation. Trustees can then stand for election provided that they satisfy the provision of the Articles. There are currently five elected Trustees on the Irwell Rivers Trusts board. Trustees are also legal directors of the Irwell Rivers Trust (the limited company).

The Chief Executive (Director) attends all Board Meetings, together with a company secretarial presence. Day to day management of Irwell Rivers Trust is delegated to the Chief Executive (Director).

Irwell Rivers Trust is a registered company limited by guarantee*

For all accounts enquiries, our Registered Office is:

Irwell Rivers Trust

47 Chestnut Avenue





* A company limited by guarantee cannot have shares and is unable to distribute any profit. It is the normal “not for profit” charitable company choice.