What we do

Listed below are some of the key activites carried out by the Irwell Rivers Trust.


Conducting and reviewing scientific surveys/research

Science is integral to all our conservation and restoration objectives. Scientific surveys, monitoring and research, are crucial to identifying, prioritising, formulating and delivering the most appropriate solutions. Completed projects are also monitored scientifically to assess their performance.

Water sample bottles.  And a ladybird.
Water sample bottles. And a ladybird.

Providing consultancy

The Irwell Rivers Trust can provide consultancy services from both internal and external resources to help associated businesses, organisations and groups achieve environmental goals and ambitions.

Developing and maintaining partnerships

The scale and complexity of the conservation and restoration of the Irwell catchment is too great for any one organisation. Working in partnership with regulators and public, private and voluntary sectors combines specialist knowledge, skills and services, generating great momentum to achieve common aims and avoid duplication of efforts.

Developing and contributing to projects

The Irwell Rivers Trust develops, manages, and contributes to a wide range of conservation and restoration projects in our area of operation, combining local, national and EU targets/directives in our core strategies. For example, the Water Framework Directive (WFD) sets ambitious water quality and hydromorphological targets to help improve the overall environmental health of the catchment, which all UK water-bodies must meet by the year 2027, and which all providers are working towards.

Sourcing project funding and resources

Many projects require materials, equipment and outsourced skills which must be paid for or may be donated. The Trust is responsible within charity guidelines for sourcing everything we need to fulfil the Trusts objectives. This includes applying/bidding for grants through grant funders, fund-raising, stakeholder investment, sponsorship and voluntary donations.

Awareness raising and education

By promoting our activities and providing information via our website and local media, we aim to raise environmental awareness for our catchment and inspire as many people as possible. We are also developing our own education opportunities supported by the sector skills council for the environment.

Providing opportunities for public involvement

Workparty photo
Lancashire Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers, helping IRT improve a section of Bradshaw Brook

The Trust recognises that public involvement and consultation is key to environmental success. We are currently trying to increase opportunities for public involvement in many project areas, from collecting data to physical restoration and development activities. Ultimately, we hope to empower local communities through involvement, encouraging a sense of ownership, stewardship and pride in their local environment to ensure sustainability of improvements for future generations.

Fund raising

In order for the Trust to operate, funding for our core activities is required, such as for public and employers’ liability insurance, our website, travel, stationary, science equipment and volunteer expenses.  Please click here if you would like to help raise funding for us or make a donation.