We are always trying to create more opportunities for public involvement, and would love for you to enjoy the experience of helping the river with us, hands on.  Please keep visiting our website at www.irwellriverstrust.com or follow us on Twitter ‘@IrwellTrust‘ for the latest new events and announcements.


Help Required

Fish Passage monitoring

Currently, we’re looking for a few volunteers to monitor one of our technical fish passes for blockages.  It has blocked with debris a few times during high flow events over the last 12 months which makes the fish pass ‘unpassable’ to fish, but also if we don’t spot the blockage straight away it becomes more difficult for us to remove over time as the debris knits together very tightly.

Our fish pass is visible from a safe distance, and is in the area of Brandlesholme Road in Bury.  If you live nearby, we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in helping monitor the fish pass for us once a week/fortnight.  All we’ll need you to do is let us know if it’s blocked.  The sooner we can identify a blockage, the sooner we can unblock it and keep the fish pass operational, and the easier it will be for us to remove the debris.  You may also be interested in joining our work party group to help us unblock the fish pass (details below).

Please use our Contact form to get in touch.  Thank you!


Fish Passage Work Party

Currently, we’re looking for volunteers who may be interested in occasionally unblocking our technical fish pass with us on Kirklees Brook, in the area of Brandlesholme Road in Bury.  This will involve getting into the river with us (waders, gloves, safety equipment and tools provided if required), and lifting any debris that is blocking the fish pass out of the channel for safe disposal.  While we try to keep physical demands to a minimum, access to the site can be tricky to negotiate, and lifting debris can be quite strenuous if there is a lot of it.

If you are interested in joining a small work party, and could respond to clearing blockages with us in your free time, then please use our Contact form to get in touch.  Thank you!

Please never try to unblock the fish pass on your own or without a member of staff from the Irwell Rivers Trust present.